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Delivery Policy

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Delivery Policy

At SearchSolution LLC, our Delivery Policy is designed to provide clarity on the timelines and procedures integral to our delivery process. We prioritize transparency and reliability in our service delivery.

Our marketing services are designed to yield tangible results for our clients within a reasonable timeframe. Typically, clients can expect to see the initial effects of our marketing efforts within 30 days of implementation.

The delivery of website development projects depends on various factors, such as project complexity and scope. While the minimum delivery timeline for website development projects is set at 40 days, please be mindful that timelines may vary based on project size and intricacy.

Upon commencement of the build process, you will receive notifications along with an estimated completion timeline. Additionally, confirmation emails of your registration will be sent. Delivery is considered complete once the website has been built, and you can access the administration area using your selected credentials.

Throughout the development process, our team maintains regular communication with clients to provide updates on the progress of their projects.

Effective collaboration between our team and clients is essential for timely project delivery. Any delays in providing necessary information or approvals may impact the overall project timeline. Your active participation ensures smooth project progression.

By using our services, you agree to adhere to our Delivery Policy. If you have any questions, feel. free to contact our customer support team