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Terms & Conditions

Our estimates are based on a thorough understanding of your requirements and the agreed-upon timeline. Any changes, even micro-improvements, may result in additional costs. Please confirm and specify your needs during a face-to-face meeting.

By accepting our quotation, you agree to follow SearchSolution LLC’s policies and terms. Acceptance can be conveyed orally, via email, by payment of the initiation fee, or by signing the quote.

Clients must ensure that all necessary requirements are clearly included in the quotations, and we must fully comprehend their prerequisites. Timely provision of clear guidelines and specific information is crucial. Without prompt details, we will proceed based on our understanding and provide a revised quote if needed. Any significant discrepancies or ambiguities in the later stages may incur additional costs, and clients must clarify all aspects of their webpage development to receive accurate quotes.

Clients need to communicate any specific nuances associated with tasks in advance for consideration in the proposal’s cost. We rely on complete information at the time of quotation and will not be held responsible for any discrepancies caused by unclear requirements.

Each task has a fixed number of hours, and minor changes can be accommodated within the agreed-upon time frame.

We will complete the project/changes within the specified time. Reasonable delays due to feature alterations are accepted.

Any disruptions at the client’s end may lead to postponement of the project and additional expenses.

Refunds or credits are not provided except at our discretion or as applicable laws require.

Bugs discovered during or immediately after development will not incur additional charges. However, any rework on an initially completed task or changes to the layout after acknowledgment will require extra fees

Changes requested during development or after Go-Live approval will accrue extra costs, charged separately. We will not be liable for any disruptions from modifying the proposed project.

All website content and relevant items must be provided within the project’s first two weeks. Delays beyond a reasonable timeframe may result in additional charges.

We test webpages on PCs using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If other browser testing is required, please inform us in advance. iPhones and iPads are used for responsive compatibility testing; let us know if testing on other devices is needed.

For websites not hosted on a Synapse server, any extra hours required due to network issues are not included in our quotes and will be charged separately.

Projects on hold for over two months will incur $99/week in admin costs and may lead to revised estimates. Prior notice is required for putting a project on hold.

Our software codes (excluding open-source software) are protected by copyright. Once all previous payments are settled, the codes can be transferred for use at an additional cost. Reselling or duplicating codes is not permitted.

SearchSolution LLC owns the copyrights to all codes written for clients. Clients receive a license for the exclusive use of any custom-made software as part of the hosting fee. The license cannot be transferred to external hosts.

The website/application is designed for commercial-grade internet usage. Any unexpected constraints of third-party elements are beyond our control. Costs for third-party elements are not included in our estimates.

SearchSolution LLC is not liable for issues related to third-party software. Clients are responsible for keeping all elements and third-party software up to date.

We provide packages in collaboration with third-party vendors. Changes in their rules may affect our services.

Delays may occur, but we will stay on track with the proposed schedule.

Domain registration, renewal, and related charges are not included in our project or proposal unless specified and will be estimated separately. Hosting fees are not included in the quotation but can be provided with a separate quote, subject to client approval.

Clients managing their web host should contact us to ensure compatibility with our development technology before finalizing. We are not responsible for disruptions caused by the hosting company’s actions.

Typically, we test internet sites on servers or domains hosted by us. Direct third-party connections to their test servers and websites are not allowed. After full payment of all invoices and dues, the webpage can be transferred to a designated third-party server.

Upon full payment of outstanding invoices, SearchSolution LLC grants the client an unconditional permit to use visuals, writings, and photos in the published webpage and associated form and functionality. However, intellectual property rights related to the website’s creation remain excluded from this permit.

All communications/correspondence will be via email, and clients must inform us of their current email addresses.